Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Tooth Fairy is VERY generous these days!

So my sweet Joe Braden finally lost some teeth! Yes, I say some because he lost 2 in one night! Let me just tell you the story because I think it is interesting, OK well maybe I am partial but oh well you came to read so get busy!

Joe Braden's bottom front teeth have been loose for at least 6 weeks and he refused to work with them. Well about 3 weeks ago I notice that the permanent teeth are already through the gums and so the baby teeth have to come out. I made a call to the dentist and they inform me that they no longer pull the teeth and just to continue to have them work them out, well that is the problem he won't because he says it hurts.

So skip ahead to Tuesday night. I made corn on the cob for supper, and this is Joe Braden's FAVORITE "veggie". Well he wouldn't eat it, and I always make them take a few bites, and when I did I noticed he was using the side of his mouth. That is when it dawns on me that it isn't that he no longer likes corn but that the corn hurts to eat!! So I go into my spill about how he needs to work on them and move them and blah blah blah.

Well last night while reading to him I notice he is sounding like he has a lisp when he talks so I take a look and oh my word the teeth coming in are growing toward the back of the tongue so that is where I draw the line! I looked at him with a MOM is going to get something done look and marched him right into see his Dad. Yes, yes, yes I know your saying, "but Lori you are the nurse, wouldn't this be your area?" The answer is NO it is NOT my area I don't do mean hurtful things to my kids, I HAVE them done!

So we get to Dad and he looks at me like, "and what do you want ME to do about it," but he of course wants our little man to be proud of him so he starts to work. Well there are 2 kids from our youth group there and they are just cheering away. It was the coolest thing it was like he had his own little cheering section. Joe would work on the teeth for a few minutes and Joe Braden was go around showing his battle wounds to the rest of us while he took a "time out" as he called it. Finally after about 30 mins of trying his Daddy got a cup towel and used it for grip and one at a time pulled them.

I must say it was a proud, yet sad Mama moment. I remember when those sweet little teeth came in, all perfect and white and they looked so huge in his little mouth. Now coming out they look so tiny and a bit worn. My how time flies! We of course had to call all of the grandparents and relay our story and about how excited we were!

So it comes to putting the teeth under the pillow for the tooth fairy, and I start thinking, "what is the going rate for teeth these days. So I jump on my trusty Mom's board and realize inflation has taken its toll on the Tooth Fairy's wallet! Most said the going rate is 5 for the first tooth and 2 for each following unless 2 come at the same time following the first, or they have to be pulled. WOW, I remember when I was lucky to get a dollar! So the tooth fairy went with it and he got a whopping $7 from the tooth fairy when he woke up this morning. Could I lose some teeth too????

(OH and why is it every time some unexpected event happens in my house the battery on my camera is dead!! The pics are from Joe's I phone so excuse the poor quality!)


Jamie said...

OMG he really IS a big boy! :-) That IS sad for you! haha! That is sweet. And yes, the tooth fairy really IS a lot richer than when I was a kid! haha!

Monica Squiers said...

He looks so different without his teeth! Can't wait to see him tomorrow.