Friday, November 6, 2009

A Word that begins with B!

I will probably be called a mean Mom for telling this story at some point in Joe Braden's life, but it is too good not to have on the books for our memory. I must say that sometimes kids are just funny and seriously say the funniest things!

Tuesday we had a parent teacher conference with Joe Braden's teacher, Mrs. Hopping. I had told Joe Braden we were having this and he didn't seem to worry, and there was no need. It was a mandatory conference that they have with each parent in the first semester. Well Joe and I got there as they got out of school and Joe Braden was waiting with a smile on his face, until the moment he found out that he wouldn't be allowed to come into the classroom with us. You should have seen the look of sheer horror! He looked at me seriously and said.............

"OK Mom I HAVE gotten in trouble ONE time and I FORGOT to tell you!"

Me.... "It's OK son we aren't here to talk about anything bad only the good."

That seemed to calm him down and he got settled to start his homework. The conference went great and I was excited that he is doing really well and is scoring high in all areas. She complimented his behavior and didn't have anything negative to say, so this of course made me wonder what was it exactly that he had done that one lone day this semester to get in "trouble".

The following is the conversation that we had on the way to the car after the conference, (nothing has been changed and I didn't change names to protect the innocent)!

Joe Braden: "So how did it go?"
Me: "It went great!"
Dad: "From all she had to say, I am proud of the way you are doing in school."
Me: "Joe Braden, I am just curious, exactly what did you do the one time you got in trouble this year?"
Joe Braden: "I don't want to talk about it."
Me: "You aren't going to get in trouble."
Joe Braden: "Really Mom, I don't want to."
Dad: "Joe Braden, you may get in trouble if you DON'T tell us!"
Joe Braden: "OK, Well Mrs. Hopping told us to write a word that started with a B, so I did."
ME: "What exactly did you write?"
Joe Braden (holding his head down and mumbling): BIG BOOTY!!!!"
Me and Dad (laughing hysterically): "WHY?"
Joe Braden: "I don't know it is just the first thing I thought of, but I won't do it again because I had to sit out at recess for 7 minutes!"

It was just classic! I can't imagine WHY he did that, except that he is a 6 year old little boy, but whatever the motive I must say it was funny. It was one of those times where you think, "Gee I probably shouldn't have laughed in front of him, but it was just so dang funny!"

Joe Braden just know your brother has a funny, maybe embarrassing when he is older post, coming this way too!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

News Flash

I have been out way too long now! I don't know why but I haven't been motivated to blog in some time. Some of it is pregnancy related, because I am tired and just unmotivated in general because of it. I have also kind of been in a funk for a while and need to get out of that! So here goes a new blog, where I will catch you up with the latest and greatest in my world.

IT'S A...............


We will be welcoming Baby Isabella in about 16 weeks, and I am soooooo excited. We were in no way "trying" for a girl but it is a little blessing God has thrown my way and for that I am very Thankful. Her room is already coming along and I am super excited to finally get to use pink! I wouldn't trade my boys though, and I think it is super cool that she will have 2 older brothers to help protect her.

Joe Braden is doing wonderful in the first grade and loving every minute of school. He loves his teacher and I must say she is really good for him. She holds him to a very high standard, as do I, so it makes my job easier at home. He is so excited about having a sister. He prayed so hard that this baby would be a girl and God heard and answered yes.

Joshua is going through a phase right now, and I think some of it may have to do with the idea of no longer being the baby. He is coming and climbing in our bed around 4AM every morning and crying when I drop him off at daycare every day. Poor boy, this is going to be quite an adjustment for him.

I have a few more blogs planned for this week and one is quite hilarious so stay tuned!