Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Pictures!

Well I hope that all of you are enjoying your holidays! We are not finished with our celebrations, but I thought I would get on and share just a few pictures. We will be celebrating my birthday, yes the big 30, on Monday and head off for my parents on Tuesday. I am sure I will not post much again next week. I am going to have a TON of catching up to do!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

As much as I am missing blogging, I am enjoying some much needed family time, and a BREAK! I won't be on much the rest of this week and next week. I hope that all of you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I've been avoiding the unavoidable

I have avoided talking much about my fast approaching birthday, yes it is the BIG one and I am a bit nervous! I am going to be the big 30! I know that doesn't seem old to some of you, and it doesn't really seem old to me, but more the end of a great era. I LOVED my 20's, they were full of life changing events and I can't believe they are over! So I thought since I have a week and 4 days before the big day I am going to list all the BIG events that happened in my lovely 20's.
20-Met my wonderful Husband
21- Married my Husband
22- Graduated from Nursing School
23-Began my first pregnancy
24- Gave birth to my first born Joe Braden
25-Started my career in the Education world
26- Moved to F-town where Joe started in the administration end of his job, a HUGE step up for us.
27- Gave birth to my second born Joshua.
28- Joe got the youth minister job at the church
29- Came back to work.
So see these are just the big events! There are a ton of other things that are awesome about my 20's but I will spare you all the tears, and fit throwing I would do if I had to go on. Really 30????

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wordful Wednesday: PUT THAT CAMERA DOWN

My dear sweet Husband got me a Cannon Rebel XSI for Christmas! I LOVE it! He decided that since it was a time of year for lots of pictures to give it to me the 5th so I would have it for all of our festivities. I have been taking pictures of EVERYTHING.... CAN YOU TELL?

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And They're Off

The Christmas race has truly begun. We are having our first family Christmas of the year this weekend and I am frantically trying to prepare. I have gifts to wrap, food to cook, and bags to pack. Plus of course there are our parties for Joe and I at work and Joe Braden for his class at school.
We get so busy this time of year that sometimes we forget how important this time is. While I think we should celebrate Christ's birth year round there are a ton of people who only think of Christ this one day of the year and it means a lot to me that people stop and see Christ, even if just for a day. Oh it does sadden me that it isn't more than the one day, but hey I take what I can get.
More than anything though I feel like it is a time of the year when transgressions are to be put away and we are to have peace. Family is an important part of our lives and I think Christmas is a wonderful time to celebrate our families and the blessings that we have through Christ, in our families. I hope that all families can come together through the Holiday Season and forget hurts and wrongs of the past year. I pray that all man kind can put aside their differences if only for a moment and experience the Joy of Family.
May your Holiday Season be BRIGHT!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Well it is that time once again to share with you all the things I did NOT do last week! I am actually proud of a few this week!

I did NOT learn to say NO this week, and it did NOT feel SUPER good!

I did NOT decide that cleaning could wait until the very last minute, and then panic and decide to Mop before Sunday Morning church in my Church clothes and all.

I did NOT sleep in a suburban on the debate trip while my students were in a round and I was on a judging break.

I did NOT make my family drive 30 miles just because I wanted to go to Michael's and Target for no REAL reason.

I did NOT let my 5 year old eat pancakes in the living room floor 3 days last week just so he could watch TV and be still while Mommy got ready for work.

I did NOT cry watching 2 shows this last week when they weren't that sad thinking back on them.

I did NOT hit the snooze way to many times EVERY morning last week, even causing myself one day to be 10 min late to work. I would NEVER do that!

I did NOT get spoiled by my hubby doing the laundry so much so that I haven't touched it in a week, and it is not over flowing in my laundry room! (Hubby did it up until Thursday, so from Thursday-Sunday hasn't been done!

Friday, December 12, 2008

PSF: Vacation

This summer we took a vacation to see my Nana in TN. She had never met my boys so this was a very special trip.

There were many tears when we arrived, and it was such a moving experience to see her embrace my children.

One day while we were there we took the boys to a neat little park and then out to dinner where we were serenaded by a Mariachi band.

Then it was off for a day in Nashville! We spent the day with my Aunt Babie and her children, James, Julia, and Jennifer. It was a blast, we went downtown and then to Opry Mills Mall where we shopped and ate at the Rain Forest Cafe. The boys really enjoyed that!
Here the boys are with Elvis!

Joe Braden in Coon skin!

Julia trying out purple boots!

Julia and "The Jacket"

On the train in the mall.

On the Carousel.

PhotoStory Friday
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mommy got the boot!

Here lately we have been having issues with Joshua going to bed.

(This is his NOT ME face!)

Yes, but I do believe it stems from the fact that we were off schedule due to Thanksgiving and then illness. He has been throwing absolute fits at bedtime, and just being difficult.
Last night during a fit, Joe had enough and went into the room. He apparently told Joshua that he would pick him up but he wasn't leaving the room. Well I didn't KNOW this doesn't work because it is what I have been doing! Don't you know though it worked for him! He picked him up and held him and then put him down, Joshua was out in like 10 minutes with NO crying.
Fast forward to tonight. I am reading Joshua books when Joe walks by to go help Joe Braden, Joshua takes one look and starts screaming, "I want Daddy put me Nigh Nigh!" So I calm him and finish reading and try to lay him down, and again he screams and says, "I want Daddy Nigh Nigh!" So we go get Daddy and he takes over, and once again NO screaming. I guess my "Nigh Nigh" days are gone for now! Kind of sad for me, but I know that Joe really enjoys it, so Yay for Daddy getting some much deserved attention!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wordful Wednesday: A Tribute to My House Husband

Today in light of Joe Braden having Strep, for the 2nd time in 4 weeks, Joe stayed home. I knew he would go insane, because he HAS to work, so I wasn't in total shock when I came home to this scene in my house.

Can he be a house husband more often? He completely caught up from when I was sick! It was GREAT! I wonder what he will do tomorrow on his second day home?

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Shopping with Kids

I love taking my children shopping most of the time, yes I know I am in the minority, but it is usually so fun to watch them take in all the new sights and sounds. Last night however was a mix of love and hate. We have been planning for a while to take the youth group Christmas Shopping so even though we had just gotten over our bought of illness we decided to go on with the excursion. It is an event we do every year and that the girls truly love. So we loaded up the van and off we went to the mall. Now mind you our nearest mall is 45 min away so it makes for a long trip just to get there. Joshua is in a not so great mood and is crying most of the way there because he wants his Daddy. Who can blame him, his Daddy is AWESOME! Well we should have known then it would be a LONG night.
We get to the mall and instead of getting out our stroller Joe said, "hey boys do you want to get a double fire truck stroller?" We thought that surely this would make the trip far easier, but oh no not happening tonight! Joshua SCREAMED any time that we entered a store, and Joe Braden just griped about everything, he didn't whine but just complained. We did manage to finish up our last few Christmas gifts though, so it was worth it all, I guess. At one point Joe was so frustrated he got both boys dipping dots, which just made matters worse for Joshua because he was DETERMINED to feed himself!
We finally leave the mall and head to eat and to Target both of which went somewhat smoother except the fact that Joe Braden was begging to go home and go to bed, what is wrong with him was my first reaction. Well turns out it should have been! I checked him all evening for a fever and nothing, so I thought maybe just a long day since he started after school care yesterday, WRONG. After getting home he went to get ready for bed and when he came out he was GLOWING! Yep FEVER of 102! So needless to say I am guessing Strep since his only complaint is a sore throat, AGAIN. Oh will this sickness never end for us? Joe was sweet and let me come to work since I have had to take off 5 days in the last month! Oh the fun! So I will not be taking my boys shopping again until after the holidays, it seems it is all too much for their little minds to handle, and I forgot to mention the FIT that was thrown to see Santa for the 3rd time this year and wait in an hour line, yeah Mommy didn't cave, but man later I was wishing I would have!

Monday, December 8, 2008

I am BACK!!

After a long way over extended weekend, I am back! I am so busy I could pull my hair out, but at least I am not at home taking care of sick children while, I myself am sick. So just a brief update: Joshua ended up throwing up 30 times! No I am not exaggerating, it was terrible, and WAY disgusting! I was sick off an on until Friday night when it hit me full force and stayed in bed, when not taking care of dirty diapers or throwing up until this morning. Joe Braden got it Friday night also but bounced back super fast. He is still complaining of a sore throat but at least doesn't have fever or any nasty bodily fluid exiting his body unwanted.

I have a busy week of trying to play catch up, so bear with me! I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Can you say COFFEE???

So after a long night of my 2 y/o puking I need COFFEE!

It all started last night at 7 when he went to Bible Class at church. Poor little guy didn't know what to think and I felt so bad for him. He finally stopped about 2am and man am I exhausted since he was up at 6!
He is feeling better though and has so far kept down fluids and medication so I am praying it was a 12 hour bug. Hope all of you have a wonderful day, I hope to get at least one nap!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wordful Wednesday: A Letter to my Boy


This picture was taken of Joe Braden by my SIL while at Thanksgiving.

Joe Braden,
You are my beautiful Angel boy, and such a gift from above. From the very first time you were even thought about you were loved. I will never forget the first time I looked into your beautiful big brown eyes, I knew you loved me and that we would always have a bond. You make my life eventful from your dramatic story telling, to your sweet hugs, even you little mad fits, I love it all.
You make me proud with your kind sweet heart, the way you help others and always root for the underdog. You make me want to be more like you every day. You are your Daddy's twin sometimes it seems, with the same beautiful olive skin, and dark hair, your sense of humor and beautiful smile.
You always aim to please God and that makes me so proud and very happy. I pray that you never lose sight of why we are on this earth. Always keep God first son, and know that he will always take care of you.
I love you more than I can ever explain in words,

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mommy Goes to School

So I came home from signing up from classes last Tuesday and wanted to break the news to Joe Braden. I was so excited and beaming from ear to ear that I am sure my 5 y/o was wondering what BIG news I had. I looked at him and said, "Mommy is going to back to College."

OK so the only experience my boy has with the College life is that of his uncles. He knows that when they both began college, one 2 1/2 years ago and 1 in Sept., they both moved away. So it shouldn't have shocked me when his face went into full shock and scared mode. He just burst out in tears!

I quickly came to his rescue wondering why he was so upset that Mommy was leaping into this. I hugged on him and started asking, "What is wrong?" To this he simply replied, "You are going to live there and leave us all alone with DADDY!!" Poor kid, why hadn't I thought about the way I said it and save the child some grief? Of course I start laughing hysterically, not because he was upset, but because he was afraid I was leaving him alone with his Daddy! Makes me feel good to know that he NEEDS his Mommy still!

I did comfort him and explain that, while Mommy was going to live right here, things would be a little different. We are actually looking into after school care 2 days a week to give me an hour to study uninterrupted, since he comes to my office every day after school. This was actually good news to him, because his friends all go and he would love the extra time to play. I also explained that sometimes Mommy will have to leave on Saturday mornings or weekday evenings to go take test and that there may be times Daddy would have to a little more with them. I did promise NOT to compromise our bedtime routine including reading time and sight word practice. That is by far one of my favorite times each day, as it is his, and we both would miss it too terribly.

Now my 5 year old is ready for Mommy to go back to school, too bad I didn't explain BEFORE I told him!


Well I have done it, I have taken the plunge! I have enrolled in college at almost 30 with 2 children and I am scared to death! I started classes online yesterday and I know it is going to be something that will change my family for the next 14 or so months. I am working on getting my RN, I am currently an LVN, doing the same job as an RN for far less money. I am excited about the new venture, but it is really going to be a challenge! I just wanted to share my excitement with all of you and ask for understanding if there are times my blog suffers.