Thursday, October 30, 2008

PSF: Cousins

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We are cousins!

We are boys in every sense of the word.

We love to see each other succeed!

We don't care that we get in the lake in our good clothes! (Our Moms sure did though)

The only thing we care about, is that we love each other,

and that one day, we will cherish these memories!


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Something in the Wall!

Hello my fellow bloggers! I hope that all of you are having a marvelous week! I must say I didn't get ANY sleep last night! I hate when I am so exhausted I can't sleep and that is exactly how last night started, let me tell you this frightening, exhausting, wish I could have slept story!

Last night started like a typical night, at 9:30 I started getting things ready for today so that I could go to bed. I usually don't start my nightly routine until about 10:30 so I was actually early. By 10:20 I was laying in bed and ready for sleep to take over my weary body. My body, however had other plans.
For one thing it has been cool here the last few days, remember I live in South Central Texas, so cool isn't too bad and it comes late in the fall. We haven't had to use the heat, but as we lay there we decided to turn it on and set the temp about 68 just in case it got too chilly. Well my weary body popped back out of bed to do this, and when I did it started making all these weird sounds in the wall so we decided to just leave it off, I mean it isn't that cold and it probably wouldn't have to kick on any way. So I crawl back in my bed, and try yet again to fall asleep. I start to doze and every time I do something wakes me up.
About 12:30 I decide I have had enough and just stop fighting. By 1:30 I was aching to try again, so I go crawl back in bed and I soon as I land my happy self on my pillow the phone rings! I instantly know WHO it is, it is the DREADED alarm company of my husbands work, calling to say the burglar alarm is going off. So Joe gets up makes some phone calls, and finds out it is just the contractors leaving, and they didn't get out fast enough after enabling the alarm. Yay, he didn't have to leave to go check it out like he has about 10 times the last 2 weeks! So once again I settle into my pillow and try for some sleep.
Just as Joe is getting into bed he says, "Lori, What is that noise?" I hadn't heard the noise so I listen for a minute and then I hear it, and it sounds SCARY!! There was SOMETHING IN OUR WALL!!!
Joe jumps out of be and runs to the hall, nope not there, so he runs to the kitchen and there is for sure something in/under my dishwasher and in the wall of the kitchen. I don't know what it is, but am suspecting it is a mouse or squirrel trying to get somewhere warm. It is making all sorts of racket though trying to get into the house. Joe was in there for over an hour trying to see if he could get it, if it got in. I kept telling him, "We get the house exterminated, they were just here, it will die, just come to bed." Well he would have none of that being the "Super" man that he is. He was in the kitchen moving drawers out of their places opening all the cabinets and making all sorts of racket so that he would know if it was in, or not. Finally, I guess whatever it was gave up because the noise stopped and it didn't get into the house. Well it is in the wall I guess or maybe it left there too, I HOPE!
Joe came back to bed about 3:00 am and of course I am still wide awake from all the excitement. We both just looked at each other and knew today wasn't going to be fun. We are both the type of people who need our sleep and today we are suppose to begin our Halloween Festivities. I just hope I can get enough coffee in my body to make it forget that it only got 3 hours of sleep last night! Oh the drama of a rodent in the wall.....needless to say I am calling our exterminating company today to make SURE they did the rodent control this month. It just scares me thinking about it!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wordful Wednesday: Future Blackmail Picture

I am sure that one day Joshua will think that these pictures are embarrassing, and we could then use them to blackmail him. I, however think they are adorable and love that he is so loving and sweet. He sleeps every night with a big elmo as his pillow, holds baby elmo, and holds a tiny baby doll. Yes, I said baby doll and you can see it in the following pictures. I think it is sweet and so does his Daddy, we think he will be a great Daddy when he grows up because of how he loves babies now. He is all boy all the time and never plays with dolls, but at night if he doesn't have "baby" he will NOT sleep!

Can you tell he was grumpy, and didn't want the picture taken?

A little happier here.

OK he is DONE!

To see more Wordful Wednesday photos go to Seven Clown Circus.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

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My first tag has come and it is from Maggie at Life with boys.

Here are Random things about me:

1. My toes have a constant habit of coming out of socket. No I am not joking they just pop right out of place for no apparent reason. It is super funny looking, but it isn't real comfortable.

2. I think that sometimes sweaty feet smell good. You know that sweet sweaty I the only one?? Yeah, I know I am STRANGE.

3. I am a preachers kid. That is something a lot of you don't know! Yep it is true I was and am a PK. I think that is the reason I am so glad my husband took the youth minister job at our church.

4. I write books in my head all the time. I have made up stories for Joe Braden and I eventually want to write a children's book and I want Joe to illustrate it.

5. I have never had an accident that required stitches.

6. I am scared to death of heights but love to go up in a powered parachute.

7. I love to move!

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A shoe fetish!

Joshua my 2 y/o has a shoe fetish! Yes, I know odd for a boy, but his Daddy loves shoes too, so I think he came by it honestly. It is so cute to watch him try to wear everyone's shoes, including mine, but his favorite are his brothers boots. Poor baby has rubbed blisters on his ankles from wearing them, but loves the boots so much we have to hide them to keep them off his cute little feet. It really is cute, but in the mornings it is a HEADACHE!
Each evening I lay out everyone's clothes for the next day, so that in the morning I don't have to think. I am NOT a morning person, so therefore I try to make everything easy in the mornings. I get EVERYTHING ready including socks and shoes the night before. Well I can predict that no matter what shoes I put out for Joshua to wear they WILL NOT be the right ones. So every morning he cries about his shoes! I even have gotten him a pair of "Tommy", (Thomas the Tank Engine) shoes, and not even that worked. So every morning I dread putting the shoes on, but I usually allow him to change them one time, because I choose not to fight this battle. I mean really it is shoes and could be so much worse.
I didn't realize however, that it is going to be this way with EVERY accessory including jackets! We had our second day of cool weather here today, and the last two days have been a fight to get a jacket on! Not only that, but when he gets it on he will NOT take it off. Oh the things my child does!

He is asking for a belt but I am holding off as long as I can, because I don't need 3 fights on my hand every morning!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mama has a secret

I hope all of you are prepared for my HUGE revelation. I know some of you are going to think, "you are a horrible Mom," but I promise this isn't my normal behavior. I am normally picky about what my children eat. I don't allow lots of sweet sugary stuff and junk food, but I have let that slack a few times this week. I have an excuse though......

Joe is the youth minister at our church and we have kids over all the time and they are CONSTANTLY bringing junk food and leaving it. So last week our Preacher brought Donuts for Study Monday and left them when the kids didn't eat them. So what did Joe Braden want for breakfast Tuesday Morning? got it Donuts! I tried so hard to refuse and really I did say no first, but he gave me that look. He so played on my weakness of not being a morning person. What can I say I had a weak moment. I had him on a sugar rush before he joined his 17 Kindergarten peers. PLEASE DO NOT tell Mrs. Brewer or I may be in D-Hall!!
If this isn't bad enough one of our youth girls made Chocolate cupcakes and left them here. The boys didn't want to eat dinner one night when Joe was working late so I.....get ready...... BRIBED, yes I said it, I BRIBED them with a cupcake. WHY oh WHY am I so WEAK?
So to prevent being "weak" again I have decided we MUST get a visit from the Halloween Fairy this year. Haven't heard of her? Well I got the idea from a friend. They go through their candy Halloween night and decide what they really like, and you give them a limit on how much they can keep. We are taking what is left and putting it on the porch before bed. I told the boys the Halloween Fairy will come and take the candy and leave them a small gift instead, and she will take their extra candy to children who did not get to Trick or Treat. Then I will take the candy to our local food bank for them to use during the holidays. That way we still get the thrill of going to Trick or Treat but not have so much candy to eat. Not to mention Mommy is addicted to Chocolate and if it is here I will gain the 20 pounds I have lost, back!

Friday, October 24, 2008

PSF Biggest Ranger Fan EVER!

PhotoStory Friday
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Joe Braden went on a date with his Daddy to watch the Texas Rangers Baseball game. Let me tell you he got into the spirit of the game! He is just so full of spirit and excitement on a regular day so add something special, and man you have a TRUE FAN! There were some college boys sitting in front of them that were swinging their shirts and screaming all night and Joe Braden kept BEGGING to do it too, so Joe told him that at the last at home bat he could. That is where we got the above picture. I think it is so funny and cute! Oh yeah and that is Daddy in the background, trying to "dodge" the picture.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Calling All Prayer Warriors

I started this blog to keep up with the daily activity of my family life that I would like to remember in the future. In just a short month since I started this blog I have found others that I love to read, and have some "followers" of my own. I started thinking that I could really make a difference with my blog, and that is where you come in. I would like to start a prayer request section on my page. If you know of someone that you would like added please send me the information that you would like put up and I will post it on my side bar under prayer request. I believe that the power of prayer is an amazing thing and love to see it working. If you would like to share the results, or story of your prayer request, let me know those and I will add those also. The network of Christian family is a huge blessing, and I pray that through this someone's life will be touched. Can't wait to hear your request!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Layout!

This blog is a THANK YOU blog and a BIG one at that. So if you visit my site you have already noticed the new layout that is amazingly AWESOME! Well it was designed for me by Rachel at Blog Candy Design
You simply must check out her site. She is a pleasure to work with and as you can all see does an AWESOME job. She has such a creative nature and an eye for design. I think the look works well for me and my blog. Please take a look at Rachel's Mom blog too!

Following In My Shoes
Her blog is wonderful and what inspired me to join the blogging world. If I ever write something half as funny, entertaining, or heartfelt as she does I think I will be doing good! THANK YOU Rachel!

Wordful Wednesday

Wordful Wednesday is sponsored by Angie at SevEn cLoWn CirCuS and what a fun thing! Hope you enjoy!


I love this picture!! Joe Braden is so in love with Kim, and he doesn't care that she is 19 in a month and a freshman in college. He thinks that one day he will Marry her and he has their lives planned. Poor guy will some day have a broken heart over Kim and it will probably even make me sad. Isn't the innocence of children priceless. To him age is nothing, he just knows that she is beautiful and sweet and he loves that. Oh one day he will have plenty of girlfriends and will realize how silly this was of him, but for now I relish in the innocence and love that my 5 year old is radiating!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Three Peas in a Pod: Let's Celebrate Fall!!!

Three Peas in a Pod: Let's Celebrate Fall!!!

Halloween Past!

Three Peas in a Pod is doing a free giveaway in her Fall Extravaganza and I would LOVE to get the prize, so I am following instructions and writing about Halloween Past!

Joshua's first Halloween has been my favorite thus far! What a blast to do a theme for the boys costumes and have 2 times the Halloween fun. Our festivities started with a trip to get pumpkins for carving and boy was that a BLAST. I have the CUTEST pictures!

Then we had a big Trunk or Treat at Church that I was over so it was stressful with my little Pea Pod and Larry Boy but I pulled it off. Then we were off to Trick or Treat.
I must say that while this is going to be Joshua's 3rd Halloween, and we have BIG plans, I miss the days when he was so tiny and Joe Braden was a toddler. My how time flies! Again this year we will be doing theme costumes and the works, so stay tuned to compare pictures from 2 years ago until now!

Isn't God a Good God?

Last night as I was trying to fall asleep with Joshua, who had been waken up by a loud vehicle, I started thinking how blessed I was to have what I have. I had just finished my night off with prayer and lay there and the thought just hit me that my children are such a blessing, a gift from my heavenly father! I have 2 beautiful boys whom I love with all my heart, when at one point in time we didn't know how possible it would be for me to have even one. Isn't God great and isn't he such a graceful and giving God?
Sometimes I wonder what his future plans hold for me, and I wonder if my plan is in-line with his. My new prayer is starting to be that God line my plan up with his. That he makes my heart want exactly what it is he has planned for me. I want to strive to be what it is he wants so that his plan fits me like a well fit glove. I want my life to be so patterned this way that I bend and sway in just the right spots.
I hope that everyone has a blessed day and that you all feel like God has blessed you beyond measure. I pray that you are striving to put your plan in-line with God's. I know this is a bit different that my usual blogs, but I felt led to write this one today.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


So this weekend, every year, we go to the Pumpkin Patch and get pumpkin's for our fall decoration, and then two nights before Halloween we carve our Jack-O-Lanterns. So this was supposed to be our weekend to go and do our annual thing. We were all excited and I had all the clothes ready to go. Such cute little outfits and Joe Braden had been telling Joshua how much fun we would all have. The excitement mounted as Friday evening went on and it is all we heard about.
So by now you have figured out we didn't follow through with our oh so carefully laid plans. Well Friday at dinner I noticed that Joshua's earlobe was red at the top, not swollen or anything just red, but I didn't think a whole lot of it. So Sat. morning Joe and I got up early and started our morning routine while Joe Braden watched cartoons and Joshua slept. So when I go to get Joshua I almost screamed when I looked at him. His ear was HUGE!! I am talking he looked like Dopey! Well I get him up and give him benedryl hoping it will go down before pictures. Well not only did it not work, it got worse. His ear got so big it was bent over because it was so heavy. So needless to say we didn't want his pictures at the Pumpkin Patch to look like. So here are some pictures of the ear before it got horrible. Joe stopped allowing pictures after it got really bad because of humiliation later in life!

We still had fun this weekend and his ear did go down. It is still a bit swollen and red but so much better. It looks now about how it did in the pics. If it is still bad tomorrow we will go into see the doctor.
Next weekend I have a UIL meet so I am thinking that we will be doing pumpkin patch pics in our sad pumpkin patch here in town. :(

Friday, October 17, 2008

Love is in the air!

Today on my Mom's group I was asked to tell why I love my husband. I love him for more reasons than I could ever say but I thought I would take this opportunity to post a blog about why I love him.

* I love the fact that he loves me for ME, unconditionally, no matter how horrible I am.

* I love that he can make me laugh at any moment.

*I love that he loves his boys so much and is such a good Daddy.

*I love that he works so hard for our family.

*I love that he is a Christian.

*I love that he is romantic and makes me feel special.

*I love that he is my best friend.

*I love that he still gives me that warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach by just a look.

*I love that he makes me feel safe. I love that he pampers me.

*I love that he makes it a priority every day to spend time with me and the kids.

*I love that our relationship is NEVER put on the back burner and that he makes sure we have time just the two of us. I am the type person who needs time with just him and he makes it happen as much as he can and he knows that for me it is a need and not a want.

*I love that he always listens to me even when it is something that isn't important to him or something he may not understand.

*I love that he never makes me feel like my feelings are unjustified.

*I love that he is who he is!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Is it Potty time already?

Joshua has been having some problems sleeping at night and last night was NO exception. I have always checked in on my boys before I go to bed and for the last two weeks I have startled Joshua several times and when I do he wakes. Well of course then he wants in MY bed! So last night he woke up and cried for a bit until I gave in and brought him in our bed. I tried to talk to him in a reasonable fashion and tell him how comfy his bed is and how he is a big boy, but he was not biting. He has already learned that Mama has no clue and he knows best. So away we go to sleep with Daddy and Mama in our big (not big enough) bed. At 4:00 AM he woke me up and said, "Mama I tee-tee potty!" Are you serious? At 4AM my 2 year old decides it is time to potty train?? Well this Mama took it as a sign and we started training this evening with only one accident. I excuse the accident though since we were in the car. He has been interested in potty training for the past 6 months but wasn't physically ready. I think now is the time! Wish me luck, I for sure need it!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I am NO super Mom I am a BAD Mom!

A few minutes ago I was sitting in my husbands recliner looking for a recipe for Sea Scallops, while Joshua is playing with money right next to me. He is just looking at it and talking to me and I am saying "umm hum," and "good boy" things of that nature to keep him happy so that I can find what I am looking for. Well I hear him starting to count, and this is where I turn into a HORRIBLE NO GOOD MOM!

Joshua: One, four, six, ten

Me: Joshua are you counting?

Joshua: uhhh huhhh

Me: When did you learn to count?

Joshua: Ten, nine, five, four

Me: Joshua count for me

Joshua: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, pause

Me: eight

Joshua: eight, nine, ten

Me: OMG you CAN count!!!!

How did my baby learn to count from 3-10 in a week??????? This is where the BAD Mom comes in......................Mrs. Elaine is where he learned it. Not his Mama his babysitter. I feel so guilty. I guess this is what happens when you go back to work, someone else teaches your kids to count. Not just do they teach them, but you don't even know they can do it! I never would have guessed my 2 year and 2 month old would be able to count to 10.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Chodya's 50th b-day

This weekend was a weekend of celebration for our family. Joe's Mom turned 50! Yep, the BIG 5-0! We took this time to of course try and humiliate her the best we could so she could always remember the day that she started to travel down the hill instead of up! It was a lot of fun and a huge success in my book.
We got to their house on Friday evening and got to visit with Joe's family. It was nice to see everyone and for the kids to get to play!
The boys of course all had to sleep with Nana they thought, so they bunkered down in her bed to watch movies before bed. Of course Joshua didn't stay long, he thinks if he gets to sleep in bed with someone it should be Mama! Such a sweetie!!

Then Saturday we started the day with a quick shopping trip for the girls then we all took the MIL out to eat to throw her off of the fact there was a party planned! It worked too! She had no idea and it was a great surprise. Here are a few more pictures from the weekend. Hope you enjoy!









Thursday, October 9, 2008

MY Mama!

OK while I hate to hear my children argue there is one thing that I love to hear. Joshua is in his "MINE" stage. Everything is his and that includes his Mama! Now I just love that my precious angel boy goes around calling me "My Mama," but I can't say that Joe Braden feels the same. This has become quite the challenge between them these days. Oh don't get me wrong they argue about more than me, it just seems I am the biggest argument.
I was sitting having some quiet time this evening, which I don't get much. I just started thinking that someday the argument may be, "she isn't MY Mom she is YOURS!! I can just see them saying this after some embarrassing moment that I myself have caused. I like to think that I am never going to not be cool enough for them, but I know the day is bound to come.

For now though I will take the argument and relish in it! OH I will correct them for arguing, but I will also secretly love the fact that they love me so much, they will fight over me!

The Tooth Fairy is VERY generous these days!

So my sweet Joe Braden finally lost some teeth! Yes, I say some because he lost 2 in one night! Let me just tell you the story because I think it is interesting, OK well maybe I am partial but oh well you came to read so get busy!

Joe Braden's bottom front teeth have been loose for at least 6 weeks and he refused to work with them. Well about 3 weeks ago I notice that the permanent teeth are already through the gums and so the baby teeth have to come out. I made a call to the dentist and they inform me that they no longer pull the teeth and just to continue to have them work them out, well that is the problem he won't because he says it hurts.

So skip ahead to Tuesday night. I made corn on the cob for supper, and this is Joe Braden's FAVORITE "veggie". Well he wouldn't eat it, and I always make them take a few bites, and when I did I noticed he was using the side of his mouth. That is when it dawns on me that it isn't that he no longer likes corn but that the corn hurts to eat!! So I go into my spill about how he needs to work on them and move them and blah blah blah.

Well last night while reading to him I notice he is sounding like he has a lisp when he talks so I take a look and oh my word the teeth coming in are growing toward the back of the tongue so that is where I draw the line! I looked at him with a MOM is going to get something done look and marched him right into see his Dad. Yes, yes, yes I know your saying, "but Lori you are the nurse, wouldn't this be your area?" The answer is NO it is NOT my area I don't do mean hurtful things to my kids, I HAVE them done!

So we get to Dad and he looks at me like, "and what do you want ME to do about it," but he of course wants our little man to be proud of him so he starts to work. Well there are 2 kids from our youth group there and they are just cheering away. It was the coolest thing it was like he had his own little cheering section. Joe would work on the teeth for a few minutes and Joe Braden was go around showing his battle wounds to the rest of us while he took a "time out" as he called it. Finally after about 30 mins of trying his Daddy got a cup towel and used it for grip and one at a time pulled them.

I must say it was a proud, yet sad Mama moment. I remember when those sweet little teeth came in, all perfect and white and they looked so huge in his little mouth. Now coming out they look so tiny and a bit worn. My how time flies! We of course had to call all of the grandparents and relay our story and about how excited we were!

So it comes to putting the teeth under the pillow for the tooth fairy, and I start thinking, "what is the going rate for teeth these days. So I jump on my trusty Mom's board and realize inflation has taken its toll on the Tooth Fairy's wallet! Most said the going rate is 5 for the first tooth and 2 for each following unless 2 come at the same time following the first, or they have to be pulled. WOW, I remember when I was lucky to get a dollar! So the tooth fairy went with it and he got a whopping $7 from the tooth fairy when he woke up this morning. Could I lose some teeth too????

(OH and why is it every time some unexpected event happens in my house the battery on my camera is dead!! The pics are from Joe's I phone so excuse the poor quality!)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our life!

OK so I am going to try to make my blog less about my pointless rantings and over-stated opinions and make it more of a family type blog. So here goes:

Joe Braden told me the most precious thing the other day and just made my heart melt! You know one of those things that you will NEVER forget it is so special?

Joe Braden had not been on his best behavior that day and I was getting rather frustrated. I had just had too much in one day and it wasn't any one thing it was just a compiled list of little things that tired grumpy 5 year olds will do. It was the weekend so we were out of routine and exhausted and his poor little mind was just completely lost. He knew I was not happy and to the point of almost tears, which RARELY happens. It was bedtime and I got Joshua down without a fight and went to read to Joe Braden. It started off a bit rocky but I just looked at him and said, as seriously as I could muster at the moment without yelling, "PLEASE, let's end tonight on a good note." So we begin to read and he is being extra still and listening extra carefully. When we are finished reading every night we talk about our day and what is to come the next day. So we are laying there talking and out of the clear blue he looks at me so sweet and says,
"Mom, I will never be to old to kiss you on the lips!"
My heart melted right then and there and at that moment all was right in our little world. I love my sweet Joe Braden and he can certainly light up my day! It took all that had happened in our day and just erased it and made me realize that, no matter how hard the days can be with 2 active little boys, one day I WILL MISS this.
They grow up too fast don't they?