Sunday, October 19, 2008


So this weekend, every year, we go to the Pumpkin Patch and get pumpkin's for our fall decoration, and then two nights before Halloween we carve our Jack-O-Lanterns. So this was supposed to be our weekend to go and do our annual thing. We were all excited and I had all the clothes ready to go. Such cute little outfits and Joe Braden had been telling Joshua how much fun we would all have. The excitement mounted as Friday evening went on and it is all we heard about.
So by now you have figured out we didn't follow through with our oh so carefully laid plans. Well Friday at dinner I noticed that Joshua's earlobe was red at the top, not swollen or anything just red, but I didn't think a whole lot of it. So Sat. morning Joe and I got up early and started our morning routine while Joe Braden watched cartoons and Joshua slept. So when I go to get Joshua I almost screamed when I looked at him. His ear was HUGE!! I am talking he looked like Dopey! Well I get him up and give him benedryl hoping it will go down before pictures. Well not only did it not work, it got worse. His ear got so big it was bent over because it was so heavy. So needless to say we didn't want his pictures at the Pumpkin Patch to look like. So here are some pictures of the ear before it got horrible. Joe stopped allowing pictures after it got really bad because of humiliation later in life!

We still had fun this weekend and his ear did go down. It is still a bit swollen and red but so much better. It looks now about how it did in the pics. If it is still bad tomorrow we will go into see the doctor.
Next weekend I have a UIL meet so I am thinking that we will be doing pumpkin patch pics in our sad pumpkin patch here in town. :(


Misty Cathey said...

YIKES..poor baby!!!