Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WW: The Best Thing

The best sight ever is the first smile you catch on camera of your baby!

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Friday, April 9, 2010

If I Hear Another Word About General Lee........

Three years ago at Christmas I got Joe a box set of Season 1 Dukes of Hazard. It was his favorite show growing up, so I figured it would be a fun gift and once in a while he could pull it out and watch an episode or two. The day he got it he sat down with Joe Braden and watched a few episodes, had a few good laughs, and it was put on a shelf and not thought of again.

About 3 months ago, about the time I went on bedrest, Joe Braden saw it on the shelf and asked to watch it for his Friday night movie time. I was feeling bad, so Joe set it up in the boys room for them to watch as I slept on the couch.


We are both regretting that day and wondering why we thought this was a good idea. Since then all Joe Braden ever talks about is General Lee, he is BEYOND obsessed and we don't know how to stop this. He WANTS, and I don't mean a little, WANTS with all his heart, to own a General Lee. He has talked to Joe about how much money it would take to buy an old dodge and fix it up like the General! He asks questions on a daily basis about how much it will cost and how to go about it, he even has asked that we begin to call local junk yards looking for the body so that we have it by the time he is 16! Have I mentioned he is only 7?!?!?!?

About a month after he started watching, he and Joe took a road trip together, and the main topic of discussion was of course General Lee. He asked Joe how much money a day it would take, until he is 16, to make his dreams come true. Joe figured it out to be about 12 dollars a day, but explained that he could just save all he got and then go from there, because he can't make that much a day. When they got home Joe Braden emptied his piggy bank into glass Mason Jars so that he could "see" his money. He had close to 200 in there and man was he excited. Since then he has put every bit of money he gets into those jars, he even put the 100 dollars he got for his birthday in there. I have to guard the change in my car like a hawk because he will try to take any loose change he can get his hands on. Oh he asks first but I don't want to listen to the begging so I hide it!

This child is OBSESSED to say the very least! What are we going to do? Can this really last until he is 16? I would think not, and if it does someone may want to commit me because if I continue to have to listen to every fact about General Lee, I may just go INSANE!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WW: Do I look like Mommy?

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After you have a baby everyone wants to know who they look like. Well to me, with Isabella, it is obvious! What do you think?

My Mom is in the black and white photo and I am the one in pink.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Isabella's Baby Story

So I have said that I would catch you all up to speed on the arrival of my sweet Isabella, so today is the day that is shall be done. I am going to try to keep it short, but we will see if I actually stick to it!

If you have followed my blog for a while you will know that my pregnancy was rocky from the beginning and was very scary up until week 16. I quit blogging around that time due to lack of energy and my sanity and have recently just picked back up. January 25th I was 33 weeks pregnant and sitting at my desk at work and started contracting. They were very mild, but they were there and I was just not feeling good. I monitored them for some time and they were coming very regularly at about every 10 min. At this point I called my doctor to make an appointment, but told them I wanted to drink water and lay on my left side first in case they went away. You see I had my first baby shower planned at school for that afternoon and I certainly did not want to miss it. Well it didn't work so off my husband and I went to the doctor. When we arrived my Blood Pressure was dangerously high and I was having regular contractions so he sent me to the hospital to be monitored and receive fluids, all of this worked so I went home on modified bedrest.

Skip ahead to the 27th, so only 2 days, I was laying on the couch at about 10:30pm when I started having severe rib pain. When I say severe I mean tears pouring down my face, doubled up in a ball, wanting to die P-A-I-N! I did everything I could to lessen the pain and it did ease but not much so I paged my doctor. I seriously thought it was anxiety because it kind of felt like what I have heard a panic attack feels like. When talking to my doctor we decided to keep my appointment the next morning unless a few things happened in the night, of which he told me to watch for. Well I made it through the night and got sleep but woke up extremely nauseous at 3:30 and vomited which made me feel better. I got to the doctor at 10 the next morning and he did a U/S and found that I had a 15% abruption. Thank GOD I have the doctor I have because I didn't have any concrete signs of an abruption but because he knew me, he knew something was wrong. We talked about our options and I chose to try to wait 24-48 hours and have the steroid injections for her lungs, because now I was just 34 weeks. My doctor wanted to discuss this with the neonatologist before he approved it but said we were of course going to be admitted right away. While taking me over to the hospital he told me that they were not going to wait but do the c-section in the next few hours, which actually turned into 30 minutes, because I was contracting when they hooked me to the monitors. So our baby Isabella was born at 11:35am on Thursday January 28, 2010 weighing 5 pounds and 18 inches long. When she came out her Daddy and I both had to double check that she was really a girl! I was so anxious, but when I heard that sweet cry, there was nothing like it, such sweet relief!

She did have some issues breathing when she was born and was on an IV instead of being fed for the first 72 hours. She was in NICU for 1 week exactly and I was allowed to board after my discharge all but 1 night. We were very blessed that she did so well and that we had so many great doctors and nurses taking care of her. We truly fell in love with several of the nurses, they just made it all so much easier to handle. God blessed our lives with her and her safe arrival. You see had we been home and had a complete abruption she would not have made it, and I might not have either. We live 45 minutes away from the hospital and she would have suffocated before we could arrive. How blessed we are that my doctor took me seriously and checked us out.

Here are some pictures of our time in NICU:

The first picture before all the tubes

My hand on her head, how tiny!

Me holding Isabella for the first time, She was 36 hours old.

Joe and Isabella

Finally going home!

Monday, April 5, 2010

My Husband Gets Pranked

Thursday I blogged about all our April Fools fun for the morning, little did I know the fun was only beginning...........

You Have to start this post by learning a bit about my Husband, you see he is a funny, joking kind of guy. He is always trying to pull something over on someone or make someone laugh. It is hard to get him though because he is the Master, or so he thought!


So Thursday night we were catching up on some shows on DVR when Joe's phone rings. Now it is 10:45 at night, so I am assuming it is my BIL Scott. That doesn't end up being the case, the man on the other end is speaking rather loudly and in a thick Spanish accent and I can hear every word. Let me tell you it I started laughing so hard that I cried, here is the conversation:

Joe: (A little hesitant) Hello?
Man: Yes, I am calling about your goats
Joe: Goats?
Man: Yes, Goats
Joe: I think you have the wrong number
Man: Is this Joe?
Joe: Yes, but I don't have Goats
Man: Is this 555-5555?
Joe: Yes, where did you get my name and number?
Man: On Craigslist, It says you have 6 goats a friend gave you and you are giving them away.
Joe: I think it must be a misprint.
Man: Ummmmm OK

So Joe gets off the phone and I am still just rolling with laughter. He, of course, is puzzled by the whole ordeal, but before he can get to the computer to check it out he gets another phone call about said goats! This goes on and on 20 calls in like 30 mins. Once Joe gets on the computer we find that not only is it listed he has goats, but there is also a post for a Wii for sale so he can "MAKE RENT CALL TONIGHT!" We automatically assumed that the culprit was his brother Scott, because everything was listed on the Dallas area Craigslist and we no longer live in that area, but he denied everything. Joe was so sure it was Scott that he posted a craigslist ad that he too was giving away animals, only to find out it wasn't him.
I also have a brother that lives in the area too, so I called him to see if he may be the culprit. This conversation is also funny:
Me: Hey do you have any Goats for sale (Mind you he is a college student so of course he wouldn't have goats)
Tim: Do WHAT?
Me: Do you have any Goats for sale?
Tim: Goats? Like G-O-A-T-S?
Me: Yeah like Goats?
Tim: ummmmm NO!
Me: What about a Wii do you have a Wii?
Tim: You know I don't have a Wii!
Me: But do you have a Wii to sale?
Tim: NO, you are really confusing me!

I then tell him the full story also, and he gets a huge laugh! Joe by this point is getting call after call, all apologizing for calling so late but they knew he just posted it! After a while his brother gives us a clue to who it may be, and it all comes together. You see, Taylor was a kid in our youth group when we lived in the Dallas area, and he is another guy big on playing jokes, and he has pulled some rather funny ones. He pulled a great one on my Dad that my family still talks about! He is just a fun boy with a great sense of humor, but little does he know because of this prank Joe WILL get him back and it WILL be good! Joe takes revenge and he doesn't take it lightly!


Taylor: I hope you are watching out and are on guard because I promise you won't see it coming. Joe got 40-50 calls and will probably pay you back for each! To me though, you are my HERO I have always wanted to pull a good one over on Joe and I have tried many times, but it hasn't worked, so I wish I would have thought of it! You are too funny, and thanks for a GREAT laugh!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just Call Me a Fool......

Fool, you say, Why would I want to be called a fool? Well, let me explain my exciting morning! As we all know today is the day for pranksters to have a good laugh at all of us who are foolish enough to fall for their little pranks, and today I have been gotten 3 times and it is only 9:30am! Does that say anything about who I am? I feel like the most foolish person out there today!

It all started this morning as I was getting ready for work and went to put on my deodorant. Last night I took my shower so I of course applied deodorant before bed, and because Isabella started screaming mid application, I took it with me to my bedroom and I put it on the side of my bed when I was done. I actually remembered this when it was time to reapply this morning, which is saying a lot for me! So, I go to the bedroom and there is no deodorant to be found, I look on the bed, under the bed, back in the bathroom everywhere and Nope nothing. After about 15 minutes I decide I am just going to have to smell like a man all day because I can't use not being able to find my deodorant as an excuse for being late to work. I go into Joe's bathroom and the following conversation was had:

Me: Hey can I use your axe?
Joe: WHY??
Me: Well, ummmmmm I can't find my deodorant!
Joe: (Laughing histarically)
Joe: (Looking for his deodorant) Wait Where is MY DEODORANT

While all of this is transpiring our 7 y/o Joe Braden is standing outside the door and begins snickering, and once we notice it breaks out into full blown belly laughs. Automatically we know that he is our culprit and I promptly tell him that I need it back, to which he responds, "APRIL FOOLS!!"

Needless to say Joe and I were both telling him we were going to get him back and when we did it would be GOOD! OK well I should have been paying attention, but I was busy with Isabella and the phone rings, Joe answers and when he gets off he announces that school, which is also work for my husband and I, was canceled due to the need for more rooms at the UIL meet being held today. I totally fall for it, when it was meant for our 7 year old! Joe just gives me this look and I realize OHHHHHHHH April fools! I did play along for a while and we got Joe Braden really well.

The third time was on Facebook where a friend posted she was pregnant and it was with twins, yep once again I fall for it and congratulate her. So, now we all know how foolish I am and how I fall for anything! Now to just think of a way to get my 2 guys back!

Happy April Fools!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordful Wednesday: I am back and with a new addition!

Well I have taken a leave of absence from the blogging world, and have decided to make my return. I went through a rough pregnancy with no energy to do anything, much less blog about my inadequate body and mind! My Isabella made her entry into this world 6 weeks early and fairly small, but she was a tough little cookie and had no major issues. After a week in NICU she came home and we have been loving her up for the last 9 weeks! She is growing like a champ and is now the size of an average newborn. She was born at 5.0 and is now at 8.8. I will fill you all in on the birth story in another post soon. I have been noting things I want to share on my blog the last few months so you will all have some good reading, at least I hope, in the very near future. Now I would like to introduce:

Isabella LaRue

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