Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just Call Me a Fool......

Fool, you say, Why would I want to be called a fool? Well, let me explain my exciting morning! As we all know today is the day for pranksters to have a good laugh at all of us who are foolish enough to fall for their little pranks, and today I have been gotten 3 times and it is only 9:30am! Does that say anything about who I am? I feel like the most foolish person out there today!

It all started this morning as I was getting ready for work and went to put on my deodorant. Last night I took my shower so I of course applied deodorant before bed, and because Isabella started screaming mid application, I took it with me to my bedroom and I put it on the side of my bed when I was done. I actually remembered this when it was time to reapply this morning, which is saying a lot for me! So, I go to the bedroom and there is no deodorant to be found, I look on the bed, under the bed, back in the bathroom everywhere and Nope nothing. After about 15 minutes I decide I am just going to have to smell like a man all day because I can't use not being able to find my deodorant as an excuse for being late to work. I go into Joe's bathroom and the following conversation was had:

Me: Hey can I use your axe?
Joe: WHY??
Me: Well, ummmmmm I can't find my deodorant!
Joe: (Laughing histarically)
Joe: (Looking for his deodorant) Wait Where is MY DEODORANT

While all of this is transpiring our 7 y/o Joe Braden is standing outside the door and begins snickering, and once we notice it breaks out into full blown belly laughs. Automatically we know that he is our culprit and I promptly tell him that I need it back, to which he responds, "APRIL FOOLS!!"

Needless to say Joe and I were both telling him we were going to get him back and when we did it would be GOOD! OK well I should have been paying attention, but I was busy with Isabella and the phone rings, Joe answers and when he gets off he announces that school, which is also work for my husband and I, was canceled due to the need for more rooms at the UIL meet being held today. I totally fall for it, when it was meant for our 7 year old! Joe just gives me this look and I realize OHHHHHHHH April fools! I did play along for a while and we got Joe Braden really well.

The third time was on Facebook where a friend posted she was pregnant and it was with twins, yep once again I fall for it and congratulate her. So, now we all know how foolish I am and how I fall for anything! Now to just think of a way to get my 2 guys back!

Happy April Fools!