Friday, October 17, 2008

Love is in the air!

Today on my Mom's group I was asked to tell why I love my husband. I love him for more reasons than I could ever say but I thought I would take this opportunity to post a blog about why I love him.

* I love the fact that he loves me for ME, unconditionally, no matter how horrible I am.

* I love that he can make me laugh at any moment.

*I love that he loves his boys so much and is such a good Daddy.

*I love that he works so hard for our family.

*I love that he is a Christian.

*I love that he is romantic and makes me feel special.

*I love that he is my best friend.

*I love that he still gives me that warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach by just a look.

*I love that he makes me feel safe. I love that he pampers me.

*I love that he makes it a priority every day to spend time with me and the kids.

*I love that our relationship is NEVER put on the back burner and that he makes sure we have time just the two of us. I am the type person who needs time with just him and he makes it happen as much as he can and he knows that for me it is a need and not a want.

*I love that he always listens to me even when it is something that isn't important to him or something he may not understand.

*I love that he never makes me feel like my feelings are unjustified.

*I love that he is who he is!


Courtney said...

I'm really glad that this topic touched so many people. I love all your reasons!!