Thursday, October 30, 2008

Something in the Wall!

Hello my fellow bloggers! I hope that all of you are having a marvelous week! I must say I didn't get ANY sleep last night! I hate when I am so exhausted I can't sleep and that is exactly how last night started, let me tell you this frightening, exhausting, wish I could have slept story!

Last night started like a typical night, at 9:30 I started getting things ready for today so that I could go to bed. I usually don't start my nightly routine until about 10:30 so I was actually early. By 10:20 I was laying in bed and ready for sleep to take over my weary body. My body, however had other plans.
For one thing it has been cool here the last few days, remember I live in South Central Texas, so cool isn't too bad and it comes late in the fall. We haven't had to use the heat, but as we lay there we decided to turn it on and set the temp about 68 just in case it got too chilly. Well my weary body popped back out of bed to do this, and when I did it started making all these weird sounds in the wall so we decided to just leave it off, I mean it isn't that cold and it probably wouldn't have to kick on any way. So I crawl back in my bed, and try yet again to fall asleep. I start to doze and every time I do something wakes me up.
About 12:30 I decide I have had enough and just stop fighting. By 1:30 I was aching to try again, so I go crawl back in bed and I soon as I land my happy self on my pillow the phone rings! I instantly know WHO it is, it is the DREADED alarm company of my husbands work, calling to say the burglar alarm is going off. So Joe gets up makes some phone calls, and finds out it is just the contractors leaving, and they didn't get out fast enough after enabling the alarm. Yay, he didn't have to leave to go check it out like he has about 10 times the last 2 weeks! So once again I settle into my pillow and try for some sleep.
Just as Joe is getting into bed he says, "Lori, What is that noise?" I hadn't heard the noise so I listen for a minute and then I hear it, and it sounds SCARY!! There was SOMETHING IN OUR WALL!!!
Joe jumps out of be and runs to the hall, nope not there, so he runs to the kitchen and there is for sure something in/under my dishwasher and in the wall of the kitchen. I don't know what it is, but am suspecting it is a mouse or squirrel trying to get somewhere warm. It is making all sorts of racket though trying to get into the house. Joe was in there for over an hour trying to see if he could get it, if it got in. I kept telling him, "We get the house exterminated, they were just here, it will die, just come to bed." Well he would have none of that being the "Super" man that he is. He was in the kitchen moving drawers out of their places opening all the cabinets and making all sorts of racket so that he would know if it was in, or not. Finally, I guess whatever it was gave up because the noise stopped and it didn't get into the house. Well it is in the wall I guess or maybe it left there too, I HOPE!
Joe came back to bed about 3:00 am and of course I am still wide awake from all the excitement. We both just looked at each other and knew today wasn't going to be fun. We are both the type of people who need our sleep and today we are suppose to begin our Halloween Festivities. I just hope I can get enough coffee in my body to make it forget that it only got 3 hours of sleep last night! Oh the drama of a rodent in the wall.....needless to say I am calling our exterminating company today to make SURE they did the rodent control this month. It just scares me thinking about it!


Life is Superb said...

How fun!! Let's hope whatever it was ran away to another warm place and leaves your house!!
Hope today isn't too bad!!

ali said...

6 hours of sleep makes me a cranky person--no way I'd be able to make it on 3 hrs!

Maggie said...

Oh you poor thing!!! =S

We, too, have had ONE OF THOSE NIGHTS!!! LOL

Mc Allen said...

Eakkkkkkk, do you still hear it today???? how in the world did it get in? I hope ya get to sneak in a nap ;) LA

Janet said...

I keep benedryl on hand for just such occasions. I so need my sleep. Good luck catching the mystery visitor!

Liz said... fun. I am familiar with those noises - we had a raccoon try to make its home, in our ceiling, in our bedroom, above our bed - so yeah....I totally understand your fear. I hope you get enough caffiene to make it through your day (and hopefully a more peaceful night tonight)

mommaof4wife2r said...

i love the "it will die just come to bed" comment! i'm laughing my butt off right now!

Kimber said...

Oh my I hate it when I can't sleep too. Makes you feel yucky all day not to mention no energy. Hope tonight is much better.

Maggie said...

You've been BOO'd!! =)

Jacie said...

There's no way I'd be able to sleep either. Just the thought of it gives me the creeps. Hope you find a good exterminator.