Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A shoe fetish!

Joshua my 2 y/o has a shoe fetish! Yes, I know odd for a boy, but his Daddy loves shoes too, so I think he came by it honestly. It is so cute to watch him try to wear everyone's shoes, including mine, but his favorite are his brothers boots. Poor baby has rubbed blisters on his ankles from wearing them, but loves the boots so much we have to hide them to keep them off his cute little feet. It really is cute, but in the mornings it is a HEADACHE!
Each evening I lay out everyone's clothes for the next day, so that in the morning I don't have to think. I am NOT a morning person, so therefore I try to make everything easy in the mornings. I get EVERYTHING ready including socks and shoes the night before. Well I can predict that no matter what shoes I put out for Joshua to wear they WILL NOT be the right ones. So every morning he cries about his shoes! I even have gotten him a pair of "Tommy", (Thomas the Tank Engine) shoes, and not even that worked. So every morning I dread putting the shoes on, but I usually allow him to change them one time, because I choose not to fight this battle. I mean really it is shoes and could be so much worse.
I didn't realize however, that it is going to be this way with EVERY accessory including jackets! We had our second day of cool weather here today, and the last two days have been a fight to get a jacket on! Not only that, but when he gets it on he will NOT take it off. Oh the things my child does!

He is asking for a belt but I am holding off as long as I can, because I don't need 3 fights on my hand every morning!


Maggie said...

That is so cute!! =)

Jonah does the same thing. He about broke his neck trying to walk around in my tennis shoes last night. He was picking up his feet really high and walking like a clown. It was so funny! =)

Yeah, I would hold off on the belt too! LOL

Hannah Noel said...

I probably should love shoes more than I do!!

You totally win for having the worst wedding-dress-shopping story, Hands Down.

Maggie said...