Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our life!

OK so I am going to try to make my blog less about my pointless rantings and over-stated opinions and make it more of a family type blog. So here goes:

Joe Braden told me the most precious thing the other day and just made my heart melt! You know one of those things that you will NEVER forget it is so special?

Joe Braden had not been on his best behavior that day and I was getting rather frustrated. I had just had too much in one day and it wasn't any one thing it was just a compiled list of little things that tired grumpy 5 year olds will do. It was the weekend so we were out of routine and exhausted and his poor little mind was just completely lost. He knew I was not happy and to the point of almost tears, which RARELY happens. It was bedtime and I got Joshua down without a fight and went to read to Joe Braden. It started off a bit rocky but I just looked at him and said, as seriously as I could muster at the moment without yelling, "PLEASE, let's end tonight on a good note." So we begin to read and he is being extra still and listening extra carefully. When we are finished reading every night we talk about our day and what is to come the next day. So we are laying there talking and out of the clear blue he looks at me so sweet and says,
"Mom, I will never be to old to kiss you on the lips!"
My heart melted right then and there and at that moment all was right in our little world. I love my sweet Joe Braden and he can certainly light up my day! It took all that had happened in our day and just erased it and made me realize that, no matter how hard the days can be with 2 active little boys, one day I WILL MISS this.
They grow up too fast don't they?


Rachel said...

Awwww -- that is sooooo sweet!

Jamie said...

That is TOOOOOO precious!!!! He'll love hearing that when he's 16! LOL!