Thursday, October 9, 2008

MY Mama!

OK while I hate to hear my children argue there is one thing that I love to hear. Joshua is in his "MINE" stage. Everything is his and that includes his Mama! Now I just love that my precious angel boy goes around calling me "My Mama," but I can't say that Joe Braden feels the same. This has become quite the challenge between them these days. Oh don't get me wrong they argue about more than me, it just seems I am the biggest argument.
I was sitting having some quiet time this evening, which I don't get much. I just started thinking that someday the argument may be, "she isn't MY Mom she is YOURS!! I can just see them saying this after some embarrassing moment that I myself have caused. I like to think that I am never going to not be cool enough for them, but I know the day is bound to come.

For now though I will take the argument and relish in it! OH I will correct them for arguing, but I will also secretly love the fact that they love me so much, they will fight over me!