Thursday, December 18, 2008

I've been avoiding the unavoidable

I have avoided talking much about my fast approaching birthday, yes it is the BIG one and I am a bit nervous! I am going to be the big 30! I know that doesn't seem old to some of you, and it doesn't really seem old to me, but more the end of a great era. I LOVED my 20's, they were full of life changing events and I can't believe they are over! So I thought since I have a week and 4 days before the big day I am going to list all the BIG events that happened in my lovely 20's.
20-Met my wonderful Husband
21- Married my Husband
22- Graduated from Nursing School
23-Began my first pregnancy
24- Gave birth to my first born Joe Braden
25-Started my career in the Education world
26- Moved to F-town where Joe started in the administration end of his job, a HUGE step up for us.
27- Gave birth to my second born Joshua.
28- Joe got the youth minister job at the church
29- Came back to work.
So see these are just the big events! There are a ton of other things that are awesome about my 20's but I will spare you all the tears, and fit throwing I would do if I had to go on. Really 30????


Misadventurous Mommy said...

Umm I'll be 30 inFeb. and it scares the hell outta me. Not that my 20's were great, but 30 just seems so old to me for some reason...I'm sure I'll change my mind as Feb. gets closer!

kel said...

urghh... I'll be 32 in august.. it stings a little!

Nicole O'Dell said...

The thirties are even better! You just're going to LOVE them!

Happy birthday in advance!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

30 is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Ali said...

I'm 35 and I'm loving it! Although, I admit, I'm not looking forward to 40!

Julie said...

Understand...I dreaded turning 30. Now I forget how old I am, which is good. :)

Don't worry, this next decade will be full of defining moments too.

rachael said...

30 rocks!

Alicia said...

You did hit alot of milestones in your 20's,but the 30's only gets better!!!!!!


Lisa Rider said...

Well, you know I am right there with you. In fact the same day!! I don't feel 30, that is my only issue. I still feel young.

Momof3 said...

Thirty is still young. I must say I'm 36 and I am having more fun in my 30's than I did in my 20's. Seriously, 30 is Awesome

The Goodnights said...

o.k. you young beautiful Chick,the only way i keep going is they say the older you get the more wisdom you get, well i haven't found the wisdom yet so I guess i am not old yet, even though next year is the big 50 for me.
Don't kick and scream and hold on the 20s embrace 30 and live the gift God is giving you! Love you

Kacey R. said...

I've been 30 since September and its been FAB so far! Since I turned 30 I was gifted with a new found spunk - like - I'm 30 I do what I wanna do. Ha! Ha! I dig it, even though like you, a lot of great things happened in my 20s I welcomed the new era. :o)Happy EARLY Birthday! You're gonna love it!