Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mommy Goes to School

So I came home from signing up from classes last Tuesday and wanted to break the news to Joe Braden. I was so excited and beaming from ear to ear that I am sure my 5 y/o was wondering what BIG news I had. I looked at him and said, "Mommy is going to back to College."

OK so the only experience my boy has with the College life is that of his uncles. He knows that when they both began college, one 2 1/2 years ago and 1 in Sept., they both moved away. So it shouldn't have shocked me when his face went into full shock and scared mode. He just burst out in tears!

I quickly came to his rescue wondering why he was so upset that Mommy was leaping into this. I hugged on him and started asking, "What is wrong?" To this he simply replied, "You are going to live there and leave us all alone with DADDY!!" Poor kid, why hadn't I thought about the way I said it and save the child some grief? Of course I start laughing hysterically, not because he was upset, but because he was afraid I was leaving him alone with his Daddy! Makes me feel good to know that he NEEDS his Mommy still!

I did comfort him and explain that, while Mommy was going to live right here, things would be a little different. We are actually looking into after school care 2 days a week to give me an hour to study uninterrupted, since he comes to my office every day after school. This was actually good news to him, because his friends all go and he would love the extra time to play. I also explained that sometimes Mommy will have to leave on Saturday mornings or weekday evenings to go take test and that there may be times Daddy would have to a little more with them. I did promise NOT to compromise our bedtime routine including reading time and sight word practice. That is by far one of my favorite times each day, as it is his, and we both would miss it too terribly.

Now my 5 year old is ready for Mommy to go back to school, too bad I didn't explain BEFORE I told him!


rachael said...

oh no, poor little guy! glad he understands now though!

Maggie said...

ha ha Poor baby!!! That is sad and funny all at the same time!! I wouldn't have thought of that either beforehand. That's too funny - thought he was gonna be left alone w/ his Daddy! Little boys need their Mommas!! =) I'm so glad!!

Mc Allen said...

awww, yes that is sweet! Isnt it so funny the things they think that we couldnt ever even imagine... I wish lil P would react like that, Id prob. hear "yay, then I get to sleep in daddy's bed!! Im totally serious! lol... I just love this age!! LA

Monica Squiers said...

That is too funny! Glad you got it all worked out for him, poor guy.

Laura said...

Oh, poor thing! That is so cute!

Tammy W said...

LOL!!! Awe!! Too cute. Stop by and get your award!