Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me Monday

I love this post because I can enjoy all the imperfect moments of my week!

I DID NOT feel like a complete fool when I went to take my final and was the oldest person by probably 10 years!

I certainly DID NOT jump up and down like an idiot when I passed, I mean I knew I would pass so why would I be so excited!

I DID NOT freak out one night I the way home because I hadn't talked to Joe. I so DID NOT call my Dad to see when he had talked to him last.

I DID NOT cry at Grey's and Private Practice this week, that would be silly, and I am not silly.

I DID NOT almost bust my Rear yesterday walking in the Church parking lot after just making the statement, "I don't know if I can do heels this high in Austin." OK yeah if I can't do them for Church I won't make it to vendor dinners while in Austin!

I DID NOT laugh when my Joshua decided to only eat the chocolate syrup off his ice cream Sunday and say how cute it was! I certainly was not secretly happy that he avoided the ice cream because I didn't want to deal with the diapers.

I DID NOT have a fit over my kitchen floor last night that is being replaced this week because it was so dirty. I so DID NOT sweep and mop where they are going to be ripping cabinets out today!

I DID NOT try to do homework in the car for 4 hours with 2 screaming kids! That would be CRAZY of me and I wouldn't do that!

I DID NOT think I would use YOUTUBE for my hair and watch videos for over an hour Saturday night researching how to do different things to my hair. Not including the Pouf ponytail, a messy bun, and no heat curly hair.

I DID NOT think I would try the no heat curly hair, only to wake up and look like I had a scrunched hair day gone bad.

I DID NOT let my Bible Class meet in my demolished house in the middle of the remodel. That would be uncomfortable and messy.

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Alicia said...

Hahah!! Those were funny!!!

Kameron said...

I have been known to eat it a time or two in heels. Great not mes!

Pam said...

Great post! I am so glad your test went so well! And who cares if you are the oldest! You are also the wisest!!

Kimber said...

Wow what a busy week. I don't do heels for that very reason. Great NMM's

Maggie said...

haha, scrunched hair day gone bad!! LOL

Leslie said...

LOL those were pretty cute and funny!!!! great sense of humor you have!!!!!!