Thursday, January 29, 2009


I really try to keep this blog upbeat, but I am sorry today I need to vent. It has just been one of those weeks! We are so busy I can't see straight, the house is in full remodel mode, the boys are all out of sync because of the house, and I am on edge. We have been late leaving the house EVERY morning this week! Nobody is getting on the ball and everyone is dragging. I am sure a lot of it has to do with the cold weather and not wanting to get out of the house, but come on people MOVE IT! On top of it all my washing machine went out! At least our repair man is a friend and super sweet because he is lending us one now while he fixes mine. Of course I went 2 days without one, and all of you know that means I am behind already. Of course Joshua hit the terrible 2's full force the last few weeks, and is saying NO to everything. He is terribly cute, but we are having to get this under control. OK I know there are tons of problems I could have, and I am extremely blessed, but I just needed to VENT! Hope you are all having a GREAT week!


Valerie said...

Everyone deserves a vent day!! Hope things start looking up for you and the boys! Hopefully once the house is done, things will get more in a routine!
Smile, you're beautiful! Ü

Ali said...

It's good to let it out! This has been a bad week here too but I don't think as bad as yours--I thankfully have my washing machine! Hubby's working nights this month which means he's home ALL DAY and that totally throws off my routine, arggghhh!


shout ''shout let it all out"

was that a song from darren darren I think so wowzer I rememeber something from teh child hood.

it can be very hetic a remodel and then add on being a mother, wife, friend , blogger, teacher, interior decorator, remodeler, the bank, the home depo runs the mess the cleanerupper the bather the feeder, the provider, i think i coved somew of what you feel oh the disapliner..

but all and all when this remodel is done and your house is back to normal you will look and laugh at all of this

well I hope , keep up teh hard work and be strong for your self and teh family. hugs take it easy and vent when ever you feel like it..

after all it's your blog, your post.

Leslie said...

We all need to vent!!! no worries! I am so sorry you are having such a bad week. Hopefully this weekend and next week will be better for you. When I am having a bad week or day I try to remember someone else out there is having a worst week or day then I am. Easier said then done right? lol take care and I hope things get better soon!!!