Monday, November 3, 2008

Where is baby???

Where is baby is the question in our house tonight, and the answer is, nobody knows. Remember a few post back where Joshua sleeps with a baby? Well baby has gone MIA! The boys went to spend Saturday night with my parents and Joshua HAD to have baby, so I reluctantly let him take her, and you guessed it, he left her there. The bad thing is this, my Mom can't FIND her!
Last night it was easy to get him to bed, because he was asleep in the car, and barely woke when I was getting him ready for bed. Tonight, however was a different story.
We did our normal bath, brushing teeth, books and bed, BUT the bed wasn't happening. Joshua was refusing and so pitiful when he just kept asking, "Where is Baby?" We tried to explain to no avail! We just kept trying to find something to replace it, but it didn't work. The baby came from the nursery at church where the teacher just let him take it because he loved it so much, so Joe went up to the church to see if there was one we could borrow, but there wasn't. I tried every other baby we had and he wasn't biting, so I let him lay with me while I read to Joe Braden. After reading I dug all through Joe Braden's toy box and Joshua agreed to take a small Blue. He wasn't thrilled and still cried a bit, but at least it wasn't an all out fit, and he had something for each hand.
I sure hope my Mom finds baby! If she does she is sending her, so I just pray we make it until that point without too much of a fit. Let's just hope he doesn't wake in the night wanting baby! Oh and btw I did go to the Dollar store and Super Market in our small town and neither had anything remotely close to baby!


Mc Allen said...

Oh nooooo!! My lil P has a pupper and when she was little I went and got a back up, I have switched them out all throughout her life so they are equally as grimey! I hope you find it and that he sleeps allll through the night again! ;) LA

Janet said...

Can you find a duplicate at the store? I hate to admit this but I actually purchased a second "Bubba", manage to create "wear and tear" on him for just such an occasion, and pulled him out for emergencies. It worked for awhile. Just a thought?.

BoufMom9 said...

Oh no. Poor little guy!
I think I have the very same baby for my twins. I think we got it at walmart for maybe $2.99

Maggie said...

OH NO!! That is terrible! Poor thing. I do hope she finds her!!!

If she doesn't, you could go to the store and let him pick a new baby (maybe that will work???) and then buy TWO and put one up just in case he leaves it somewhere again!! LOL

Jonah only really cares for his pacy. And Lord help us all if he can't find the thing!! (LOL, but lucky for him/us we have a TON of spares!!)

Monica Squiers said...

Hope baby gets found and he does ok til she does.