Thursday, April 2, 2009

OH the drama!

I have had very little time to blog this week, or the energy, to be real honest. I just thought I would give an update as to what all is going on. Well while we were in Tulsa the in-laws called and said that Joe Braden had a rash on his chest. I really thought little of it, since he tends to get one with allergies quite often. Well he was scheduled to see the ENT on Monday because he has had strep 5 times since August, snores CONSTANTLY, and has brief periods of apnea, all of which are good causes for the tonsils and adenoids to take a hike. Well while we were there I told the doctor about the rash, thinking that sometimes that is a sign for strep. His tonsils looked good and the doctor really didn't think he had it, but went ahead and checked anyway. Well it was positive once again! Oh my goodness 6 times since August. He really didn't feel too bad, but did have a horrible headache and just was very clingy as was the 2 year old. Well yesterday we all seemed back to normal and had a normal day up until time for church, where Joshua decided it was time to show us he was sick and started throwing up. At first I thought maybe strep, but then he never ran fever and was good today, so after a day off and lots of rest he seems 100%. So that is what I have been up to, and why I haven't blogged like usual. Oh and we did schedule June 5th for Joe Braden to have his surgery. We don't want him to miss a week of school right at the end, so we are trying to hold off and PRAYING there won't be any more cases of strep between now and then!


Alicia said...

Oh my...your poor babies!! Praying for them to get better soon!!!


Kat said...

I hope everyone is feeling better soon. I'll keep my fingers crossed that he wont have to miss school either.

Anonymous said...

That's awful! The poor little guy!!!