Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Media Time: What does your family do?

How do you regulate Media time? This is an ongoing question in our family. I want to make sure my boys are not over-stimulated by multi-media of any sort. This has not really been an issue up to this point. Joe Braden has always liked TV, but he has never minded turning it off, when I say it is time. I have typically allowed one hour a day and that has been fine. Well at Christmas he got a DS and now wants time for it also. We have been letting him have 30 min. of DS and 30 of TV, but now all he cares about is the DS so it is an hour of it, for the most part. The problem is that he is becoming obsessed! It is crazy! He talks about games constantly and even dreams about them, he tells us what all he can do, and has beat several of the ones he got for Christmas. I am glad that he enjoys it, but is it normal for him to love it this much? Is one hour an acceptable amount of time? I just don't know if we are doing the right thing! Oh and I guess I should mention when we get home it is homework, playing outside, then DS. I make him play outside because I think he needs that time too. Oh the trials of being a parent!


Alicia said...

It's VERY normal for them to get like that over their DS's! My 8 yr old was exactly like that. Eventually, the novelty wears off, but I think it's great how you're monitoring his time on it now!!

Carebear said...

Oh my goodness, every little boy I know is obsessed with video games. My two year old hasn't gotten into them yet, but he would watch cartoons all day long if I let him!!! You're doing a great job regulating it and balancing it with homework, outside play etc. I have no idea what a reasonable amount of time is, but my husband would flip if I tried to limit him to one hour. He gets on a roll beating levels and needs at least two hours! BTW, I'm just out visiting my followers. Thanks for following my blog!

momstheword said...

oh yes, it's very normal, unfortunately, lol!!!

We didn't have any of that stuff when the kids were little, but we did have a t.v. and computer (still do).

We allowed a half hour of t.v. a day (eventually stretched to an hour to cover programs like Little House) and 30 minutes on a filtered internet every other day.

As they got older they asked for a gameboy for Christmas, so they chose to play that over their computer time. We also allowed them to play it in the car.

Eventually we relaxed the t.v. and computer times as they got older (they are now 16 and 20). In hopes that they would learn to have some self-control.

They rarely watch t.v. (except the 16 likes to watch sports). However, my 16 year old still likes to play on the computer (still filtered).

My husband believes in having a filtered internet and I totally agree. I want to keep my boys safe, you know?

My 16 year old plays on his nintendo sometimes (which he bought with his own money).

We still have to monitor the 16 year old's time. Boys and electronics.....they just love it!

I think what you're doing is great!

Leslie said...

I think you are doing a great job!!! and it is normal!!!! my boys are soooooooo obsessed with T.V. and my oldest son with his DS and they are obsessed with the PS3!!!!!!!!! drives me crazy!!!!! I have the same routine as you, homework, and play outside and t.v or ds time. It's the rules I had as a kid. I grew up outside!!!! I loved it!!!! It's like pulling teeth to get my boys to play outside some days!!!! it's either too cold or too hot!! WHINE WHINE!! I do regulate how much time they spend on the games and the tv, I give them more time then you do, bad on my part!!! you are doing great!!! the joys of parenting huh!?

Lindsay said...

I have yet to cross that bridge myself, but I've been wondering about a good amount of TV time - ESPECIALLY during the winter months of being stuck indoors! My 3 year old has just started playing on noggin.com - but thankfully is fine with a game or two. Let me know what you find out from other moms out there....I think this (electronic games) is something that we (girls and adults) will just never truely understand.