Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wordful Wednesday: Born Again

We have had an amazing experience the last few weeks in our youth group. As many of you know my Husband, Joe is the Youth Minister for our congregation. Well in the last week there have been 5 Baptisms! We are just so excited! These kids have been taught at home and at Church, and made the decision to put their Lord on in Baptism. It has been an EXCITING time in our lives. We are so proud of all of them and the choice they have made, to GOD be the Glory! I have permission to share pictures of one of them, so here you go! This is Joe Baptizing Jaylon at 10:30 on a Wednesday night2 weeks ago.

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momstheword said...

This is so awesome! What a blessing to baptise someone! It's always so exciting to see a profession of faith like that. I'm excited for your teens!

Everytime our church has a baptism my hubby wears a t-shirt and shorts and then quickly changes clothes so that he can go and preach. Once he forgot a towel and I had to bring him one, lol!

Because he is baptizing and not going under he doesn't get his hair wet. But he does get wet (as I noticed the splashes on your hubby's shirt, lol!)

Every time I come on here I have to laugh at the last time you twittered....heheheh! You've been busy being "super mom!"

momstheword said...

Meaning busy being a mom and no time to twitter, lol!

I like to twitter a little here and there. I just go on and pop out a line or two, but I don't spend much time on it.

Between facebook and my blog, I just don't have time for everything, lol!

Alicia said...

Awesome!!!! You can't help but also get teary eyed when you watch someone getting baptized!

Lindsay said...

I LOVE hearing testimonies at baptisms. So cool.