Monday, May 11, 2009

Sick Kid Fun

While Joshua was sick we had a TON of free time! We had to be home from Sunday until Friday per Doctor orders. Well the first few days were OK, I cleaned while the Little Man watched movies or slept, that is all he felt up to. Well as he started feeling better he was getting bored, you see he is an outside boy! He could live outside if his parents would let him! He was pitiful standing by the patio door crying, watching his brother play and Daddy grill, and I just couldn't take it anymore. My poor baby didn't feel good and he couldn't do what he so wanted to do. So I started thinking about something fun to do. I thought about the rice, beans, or noodles with cars or his dump trucks, but I didn't have enough of any of the dry goods to make it fun. So I decided we would wash cars, I went and got a box of his cars, 2 buckets of water, one with soap and one without, and a blow up toy. I used the blow up toy as a tarp, gave him a dish towel and let him have free reign! He had a blast and soon forgot why he had been upset! Of course he had to change clothes afterwards and I did have a bit of clean up afterward, but he had so much fun that is was for sure worth it! He is doing really well now, thanks to some powerful antibiotics and a prescription decongestant. Today is his first day back with his sitter so we shall see how that plays out! Thank you all so much for the sweet thoughts and prayers, it is nice to know people are thinking about your family!

Excuse the poor quality of the pictures, but I left my camera at my in-laws so I had to use my phone!


momstheword said...

Very clever of you. My kids used to love to stand on a chair and "wash" plastic dishes in the kitchen sink.

Once it was hot and my little son wanted to go swimming.

So I took a big rectangle laundry basket, put a couple of inches of water in it (it doesn't hold much) and let him have fun in it on the kitchen floor.

He enjoyed it but we bought a children's pool after this!

Alicia said...

Aww!! I can totally picture him craying while watching his brother have all the fun!!

What a great idea you came up w/ though! His second picture is so cute. He looks like he's thinking, " more pictures, please!"

Glad the meds work! Antibiotics work sooo quickly!

Leslie said...

What a cute idea!!! he looks good in the pictures! that is great that he is more himself now!! poor little boy! hope he continues to improve and be himself very soon!!!