Monday, April 5, 2010

My Husband Gets Pranked

Thursday I blogged about all our April Fools fun for the morning, little did I know the fun was only beginning...........

You Have to start this post by learning a bit about my Husband, you see he is a funny, joking kind of guy. He is always trying to pull something over on someone or make someone laugh. It is hard to get him though because he is the Master, or so he thought!


So Thursday night we were catching up on some shows on DVR when Joe's phone rings. Now it is 10:45 at night, so I am assuming it is my BIL Scott. That doesn't end up being the case, the man on the other end is speaking rather loudly and in a thick Spanish accent and I can hear every word. Let me tell you it I started laughing so hard that I cried, here is the conversation:

Joe: (A little hesitant) Hello?
Man: Yes, I am calling about your goats
Joe: Goats?
Man: Yes, Goats
Joe: I think you have the wrong number
Man: Is this Joe?
Joe: Yes, but I don't have Goats
Man: Is this 555-5555?
Joe: Yes, where did you get my name and number?
Man: On Craigslist, It says you have 6 goats a friend gave you and you are giving them away.
Joe: I think it must be a misprint.
Man: Ummmmm OK

So Joe gets off the phone and I am still just rolling with laughter. He, of course, is puzzled by the whole ordeal, but before he can get to the computer to check it out he gets another phone call about said goats! This goes on and on 20 calls in like 30 mins. Once Joe gets on the computer we find that not only is it listed he has goats, but there is also a post for a Wii for sale so he can "MAKE RENT CALL TONIGHT!" We automatically assumed that the culprit was his brother Scott, because everything was listed on the Dallas area Craigslist and we no longer live in that area, but he denied everything. Joe was so sure it was Scott that he posted a craigslist ad that he too was giving away animals, only to find out it wasn't him.
I also have a brother that lives in the area too, so I called him to see if he may be the culprit. This conversation is also funny:
Me: Hey do you have any Goats for sale (Mind you he is a college student so of course he wouldn't have goats)
Tim: Do WHAT?
Me: Do you have any Goats for sale?
Tim: Goats? Like G-O-A-T-S?
Me: Yeah like Goats?
Tim: ummmmm NO!
Me: What about a Wii do you have a Wii?
Tim: You know I don't have a Wii!
Me: But do you have a Wii to sale?
Tim: NO, you are really confusing me!

I then tell him the full story also, and he gets a huge laugh! Joe by this point is getting call after call, all apologizing for calling so late but they knew he just posted it! After a while his brother gives us a clue to who it may be, and it all comes together. You see, Taylor was a kid in our youth group when we lived in the Dallas area, and he is another guy big on playing jokes, and he has pulled some rather funny ones. He pulled a great one on my Dad that my family still talks about! He is just a fun boy with a great sense of humor, but little does he know because of this prank Joe WILL get him back and it WILL be good! Joe takes revenge and he doesn't take it lightly!


Taylor: I hope you are watching out and are on guard because I promise you won't see it coming. Joe got 40-50 calls and will probably pay you back for each! To me though, you are my HERO I have always wanted to pull a good one over on Joe and I have tried many times, but it hasn't worked, so I wish I would have thought of it! You are too funny, and thanks for a GREAT laugh!


JESSICA said...

That's hilarious! I'm pretty sure I would have been laughing so hard too! How creative!!! I would never have thought to do anything like that.

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh that was too funny! It's even funnier that he couldn't figure out who did it. Great April Fools Joke!

Thanks for coming to visit my blog today. I've been thinking and praying about you and the baby. Hope you were able to get some answers at the Dr's office today. And I hope it's nothing serious.

Take care!
Hope you can get some sleep tonight!

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