Friday, April 9, 2010

If I Hear Another Word About General Lee........

Three years ago at Christmas I got Joe a box set of Season 1 Dukes of Hazard. It was his favorite show growing up, so I figured it would be a fun gift and once in a while he could pull it out and watch an episode or two. The day he got it he sat down with Joe Braden and watched a few episodes, had a few good laughs, and it was put on a shelf and not thought of again.

About 3 months ago, about the time I went on bedrest, Joe Braden saw it on the shelf and asked to watch it for his Friday night movie time. I was feeling bad, so Joe set it up in the boys room for them to watch as I slept on the couch.


We are both regretting that day and wondering why we thought this was a good idea. Since then all Joe Braden ever talks about is General Lee, he is BEYOND obsessed and we don't know how to stop this. He WANTS, and I don't mean a little, WANTS with all his heart, to own a General Lee. He has talked to Joe about how much money it would take to buy an old dodge and fix it up like the General! He asks questions on a daily basis about how much it will cost and how to go about it, he even has asked that we begin to call local junk yards looking for the body so that we have it by the time he is 16! Have I mentioned he is only 7?!?!?!?

About a month after he started watching, he and Joe took a road trip together, and the main topic of discussion was of course General Lee. He asked Joe how much money a day it would take, until he is 16, to make his dreams come true. Joe figured it out to be about 12 dollars a day, but explained that he could just save all he got and then go from there, because he can't make that much a day. When they got home Joe Braden emptied his piggy bank into glass Mason Jars so that he could "see" his money. He had close to 200 in there and man was he excited. Since then he has put every bit of money he gets into those jars, he even put the 100 dollars he got for his birthday in there. I have to guard the change in my car like a hawk because he will try to take any loose change he can get his hands on. Oh he asks first but I don't want to listen to the begging so I hide it!

This child is OBSESSED to say the very least! What are we going to do? Can this really last until he is 16? I would think not, and if it does someone may want to commit me because if I continue to have to listen to every fact about General Lee, I may just go INSANE!!


Jsquiers said...

How much will it cost?
How fast is it?
Who is going to weld the doors shut on my general lee?
What should I say on my CB radio?

These were just a few questions he had for me.

Mrs. Mommie Strain said...

well he is just a good ole boy..
not doing no harm...LOL>. sorry couldn't resist..

Rachel said...

LOL -- that is AWESOME! I love Joe Braden!

btw, I haven't forgotten about your blog makeover. Just let me know what you want -- I don't have the kit we used last time (lost it in the computer crash).

Momof3 said...

Hey, it least I got him to save. I be willing to put up with some of the obsessive talk if every dime he earned didn't burn a hole in his pocket. lol

Honey Mommy said...

Wow. That sounds like quite the dedicated boy. Who knows, maybe when something new comes along he will change his mind?!